Short History

Husband and Wife, Bootcamp Graduates, Development Team and a dream

  1. Krystine graduates from The Iron Yard


    After having their daughter, Krystine started a bootcamp to better her career. Three weeks into her maternity leave she started coding and graduated at the top of her class

  2. Chris graduates from Galvanize


    Wanting to fortify the skills he already had in technology, Chris attended a full-stack development bootcamp and found a love for the PHX Startup Community

  3. We thought of a solution


    Frustrated by how the market discounted bootcamp graduate’s skills - the idea for a way to help both the community and graduates was created.

  4. Desert Dog Ventures is launched


    Desert dog labs is launched. Giving businesses the tech they need at the price they can afford by hiring recent bootcamp graduates.

Passionate about graduates working with entrepreneurs

Our Mission

Giving businesses the technology they need at the price they can afford while allowing bootcamp graduates the chance to prove their skills and grow their portfolios.

Our Vision

Creating a space where boot camp graduates can get work and enter the workforce with a full portfolio. Connecting graduates with entrepreneurs to grow the startup community.

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