Here are some details

We believe that every Founder should be able to have their app ideas brought to life. These are the things you can expect when choosing us.

Project Scope

We define a clear scope of development to help ensure all details have been touched.


We handle both front and backend development so you know things will be in sync.

Wireframe & Prototype

Extensive planing happens before starting development, so you can paint your dream app.

Cloud Architecture

We develop using tools like AWS and GCP to ensure your application will always scale with demand.

Story Book

We use Story Book so that any future Developers will never have to rebuild components.


We'll take care of your servers and delivery pipeline after signing up for a management plan.


All services are tailored,
but this is common option!

If your business calls for something more specific, we can accomodate projects of all sizes and needs. If you want to talk details then submit a quote and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Basic Package


Web or Native App
Built on Javascript
Dual platform Native apps
Discounted management