Chris Jannenga

Founder & CEO

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Chris always has been passionate about business. The best businesses grow out of necessity and after seeing what happened to graduates from bootcamps he decided something needed to change.

Chris believes that there are talented developers out there who just need a shot to get into the field - and entrepreneurs with great ideas who don’t have the funds to start the next big idea. He believes in creating community and growth from the underdogs...it’s a desert out there.


Krystine Jannenga

Co-Founder & COO

Always interested in tech, Krystine took the plunge into web development when her daughter was born. Instead of returning to work she jumped into a bootcamp just three weeks into her maternity leave.

After graduation Krystine became frustrated with the job market and how bootcamp graduates are viewed by employers. Full of skill and determination to make the best life possible for her family - Desert Dog Ventures came to life.


Sage Marie

Lead Inspiration Officer

In just 12 months Sage has completed two fully immersive full stack bootcamps along with her parents. Her first language is JavaScript - mainly because no one can understand her and she loves libraries.

Sage’s favorite past times are turning off routers and banging on keyboards. She loves creating controlled chaos and her parents.

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