Bootcamp graduates are promised the world when they walk through the doors of the school of their dreams, only to realize upon leaving they were given empty promises of jobs and the reality of the marketplace hits them like a bag of sand. As a couple who has experienced this, we decided there needed to be a solution to the gap in the market - where talented developers could showcase their skills and prove they are worthy of a position. Desert Dog Ventures was born from the necessity to survive the Dev Desert - but now has the ability to make new graduates and entrepreneurs thrive.

I remember sitting in the hospital bed, both my husband and newborn daughter asleep next to me, and thinking that I can’t go back to what I was doing before. I was stuck in a dead end job and wanted more for my new little family. Always being interested in technology, I had been dabbling in coding for a while. A article popped up on my phone on how once you learned to be a developer you could have a great job and make a ton of money - with only twelve weeks at a bootcamp. They say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But I was desperate to get out of the situation I was in. When my daughter was only three weeks old I packed up my computer and started at the bootcamp full of hope and ambition.

As the twelve weeks went on the holes in the dream started to appear. The very first day we were told there were thousands of jobs out there and that we would have endless opportunities when we finished the course. On the week of graduation we were sat down and told we needed to take the final projects seriously and work hard because there were only a handful of jobs that any of us were qualified for. The realization that we were oversold and underprepared scared everyone.


An opportunity arose and my husband and I moved to Phoenix, AZ as soon as I graduated. As hard as I looked and applied I couldn’t find a job in this new market - graduating from a bootcamp that no one had heard about. I was devastated. Chris was attending a “better” bootcamp that was six whole months and gave even more promises than the one I attended. Although they had a better rate of placing people in jobs, we saw people with so much talent being pushed aside for people that had more experience.

We knew then that there was a huge gap in the market - hiring managers who didn’t know the technical capabilities of graduates and just looked at resumes were overlooking great talent. Graduates need to build their portfolios and showcase their talent while learning how to work in the real world. Desert Dog Ventures will have a team to coach them through projects - while giving the businesses who need the work a great price.

Desert Dog Ventures was born from the necessity to survive the Dev Desert - but now has the ability to make new graduates and entrepreneurs thrive.

Krystine Jannenga from Desert Dog Ventures

Growing a community of budding businesses and developers can make a new market thrive. We believe in homegrown talent and want to help create an ecosystem of new talent to grow a community. This is how we can give businesses the tech they need at a price they can afford.

Down the line we would love to be a stepping stone partnered with bootcamps to give graduates the opportunity to prove themselves in the workplace while learning how to be actual junior developers working on a team with deadlines and project managers. It’s a desert out there, and we are here to help.